13 things that make us proud about India

One thing common among all Indians is that we love our country very much and keeps undying affection for our motherland. Definitely, we have our complains about the many defect that we survive with, but when it comes to protecting our nation we are like warriors on a mission; whether it is on the cricket field or the battlefield. India is an incredible country. We have a number of factors to be proud of it. Here are the top factors why we should feel proud of being an Indian.

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  1. The Loudest assertion of Love: Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Shahjahan adored all his Wives; however there was one that he particularly adored- Mumtaz Mahal. The grand Mughal decided to begin his love by constructing the most splendid monument in the world; Taj Mahal. No other destination in the world will possess of getting a declaration that costs close to $ 827 million.

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  1. Balanced Palaces: Udaipur

Yes, our places don’t seem to be solely monumental; a number of them float as well! Udaipur features a number of lakes that augment the charm of this royal town. The lake palace is that the essence of luxury and could be a sought after holidaymaker attraction everywhere the globe. In fact, we tend to even have a floating palace in Jaipur!

  1. Happily Hippie: Goa

Definitely, we can make a big excitement about faith and traditions. But we are also traditional by heart. Cheerfully existing next to staunch religious faiths are Goa’s hippies that have called this beach haven their home for centuries. That’s right; we are broadminded, self-governing and untroubled too.

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  1. Zen from a decade: Ajanta Ellora
Ajanta Ellora

Spiritualism comes in fashion within the last century just about as celebrities suddenly explored the advantages of yoga and meditation. However India has been Zen since the fifth century! The Ajanta and Ellora caves are proof that we have a tendency to nurtured non-secular masters like Buddha since the terribly early stages of life.

  1. Cheers for the best cup of tea: Assam

Why not you enjoy a cup of Masala Chai? A lot of tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling is exported all over the globe and is listed among the superb teas available. To top that, these tea estates are beautiful travel spots.

  1. The Highest Motorable road on the earth: Khardungla

Khardungla is situated 18000 feet higher than water level. The air is skinny and oxygen is very little here however that doesn’t stop dare-devils from riding their bikes! The unthinkable lovely district of Ladakh is choked with jaw-dropping landscapes that can’t be found anyplace else within the world.

  1. Tigers abundantly: Wildlife Parks
Wildlife Park

The wildlife parks are home to more than 2000 tigers and many more refreshing animals. These parks are outstanding, well-maintained and managed. Famous for its nature enthusiasts, parks such as Jim Corbett, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha provides the authentic forest to take pleasure in.

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  1. Enduring the past: Hampi and Khajuraho

Not simply at the renowned Hampi or Khajuraho, India is stuffed with past from all stages of growth. From oldest temples to whole cultures, we have got a treasure of anthropology wonders that are waiting to be discovered. We won’t boast concerning it enough, however we have instructed the globe the way to create love!

  1. An undying beauty of nature: Lakshadweep and Andaman

French Polynesia is nice. However why pay thousands of bucks after you will have an identical experience right at house? With blue waters and soft shiny sands, Andaman and Nicobar are India’s best beach spots for scuba diving and snorkelling.

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  1. Tomatina’s Daddy: Mathura and Vrindavan

Tomatina pageant can be the hip occasion to be at, but if you have experienced holi at Mathura and Vrindavan (the Indian cities), you’d recognise that the Spaniards aren’t the only ones who know how to possess fun. A riot of colours and fun, the Indian pageant of Holi is that the most entertaining event in our calendar.

  1. A paradise on Earth: Kashmir

Want to see the paradise? You can find it in the pristine streams that gallop on soft rocks and so the plentiful valleys that romance snow covered hills. Jammu and Kashmir provides the simplest scenes and places in Asian nation. From skiing to shakers, India possess of its terribly own Switzerland. Some would even say that comparing each would be unjust to the splendour of each these sights.

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  1. Looking for a Mummy? Don’t need to go too far

Maybe you have heard about tall praises about the Spite Valley and probably you don’t know about the small village called Gig that falls on the route to this heroic valley has a mummy in the sitting position that dates back to 550 years. The mummy has not been preserved in any artificial ways.

  1. A teller of nonviolence: the Golden Temple, Amritsar

The golden temple in Amritsar (Punjab) is a place of beauty and sublime passivity. The temple’s architecture reminds you both Hindu and Muslim artistic styles and represent a unique co-evolution of the two. Close to the temple compound, there is a huge pilgrim dormitories and dining halls.

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