10 Must Visit Places When Travelling to North East India

Being a place of nature flourishing, and charm with all its glory, North East India, which is blessed with several hilltops and the picturesque valleys, is perfect for having the unlimited fun of the tour. During the tour of North East offering its visitors something or the other for having the unforgettable experience, people can take the fine glimpse of the clouds floating right by the side and the sun rising from amongst the gorgeous valley. North East Tour Packages for Family are perfect for taking the enjoyment of the tour of North East India.


10 Must Visit Places When Travelling to North East India

Here, we have enlisted the 10 must visit places when travelling to North East India. For your information, read them carefully.


  1. Tawang Monastery


Boasting of being the largest monastery in India, the Tawang Monastery, which is located at an average elevation of 10,000 ft above the mean sea level in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, is perfect for its visitors for taking the fascinating glimpse of the gorgeous valley during the months from April to October. One should make a plan for paying a visit to this charming monastery on the night of a full moon as it is renowned for its celestial charm in the night. For appreciating, this monastery has approx 850 idols.


  1. Kaziranga National Park


Having the one-horned rhinos drawing the kind attention of visitors from every nook and corner of India as well as the world, the Kaziranga National Park, which has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is a must visit during the tour of the North Eastern part of India. Besides being perfect for spotting a one-horned rhinoceros in its stomping yard with a fascinating experience, this wonderful national park is also home to 35 species of mammals and hundreds of species of migratory birds that fly away every season.


  1. Nathu La Pass

Literally ‘Listening Ears’, the Nathu La Pass, which offers a vibrant feeling on its track for every tourist, is famous for providing a treatment of the glimpses that remain ingrained in your memory for all the life long. The plan of the visit to this wonderful pass should be made during the season of summer. While passing through it, one should be aware of not rushing into anything.


  1. Ziro Valley


Offering its visitors some unforgettable glimpses that are about to be etched in the memory for all the life long, the Ziro Valley is perfect for feeling the jolt at day and night Concert, lasting for 3 days. This famous concert is organised at the end of the month of September each year.


  1. Gorichen Peak


Perched at an average altitude of 6,500 m above the mean sea level, the Gorichen Peak, which is still regarded to be among more climbable summits, is perfect for supposing the charm of the scenes and the joy, which is felt after the scaling of this lofty mountain. To begin this trekking, the best time is the season of summer. It is notable that this peak is closest to Tawang.


  1. Cherrapunji


Having the glory of being the wettest place in the world, Cherrapunji, which is situated in the Indian state of Meghalaya, one of the northeastern states of India, is also much renowned for its living root bridges, made owing to incessant rain. Underneath these living bridges, tourists can also set up camps. Popular for the maximum rainfall in the world, this place offers its visitors the enjoyment of the wonderful tropical flora and fauna while climbing the root bridges or camping under them.


  1. Nurangang Falls


Having the height of 100 m, the Nurangang Falls, which is also called the Bong Bong Falls, is famous for providing an experience of calmness for romantic couples going towards it. For taking the enjoyment at its best, you can proceed to the waterfall on foot. You can check out the lake and connect to the bridge. This mesmerising waterfall is perfect for the romantic couples for feeling themselves surrounded by romance.


  1. Madhuri Lake


Previously called the Shungaster Lake, the Madhuri Lake, which was renamed after Madhuri Dixit, the famous Bollywood actress of India, is a must visit during the tour of northeastern India. Some tasty Momos served up close to a little Army cafeteria can be had here. The tasty Momos will have the taste of a tad better with the serene glimpse of the magnificent lake.


  1. Sandakphu Trek

Having its average elevation of more than 11,000 ft above the mean sea level, the Sandakphu Peak, which is the highest summit of the Sikkim-West Bengal border, offers a boost to the confidence as the Kanchenjunga is watched over the distance. The feeling of accomplishment is that of reaching the peak. While the place is open for its visitors all the year round, the best time to explore it is from April to May during the season of spring.


  1. Jaintia Hills

Stuffed with limestone deposits, the Jaintia Hills, which are situated in the center of the Indian state of Meghalaya, own several caves for the explorers for taking the enjoyment. Being best to take the company on this adventure, this type of adventure activity is done by spelunking in these caves while leading to several shallow and some long caves.


Overall, it can be undoubtedly said that the places of North East India mentioned above are a must visit during the tour of these states of India. In case of being desirous of paying a visit to any of these destinations, you can Book North East Tour Packages from Delhi. All of these holiday packages, which are available at http://www.geturholidays.com.


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