5 tips for first timers visit to India

Untidy, thrilling, crazy, exasperating, magnificent, squalid, overwhelming, beautiful and fantastic.

India is like this, how can you manage your trip to this amazing country? Start your trip with our little tips, if you are traveling to India first time and want to experience maximum travel attractions here 5 tips for first-timers visit to India

  1. Choose the perfect route


India is nestled into a huge space and you will not cover it in one trip. What you likes and how much time you have, think accordingly to manage your trip. Be realistic about your budget. Instead of thinking about to see the entire country, focus on the south or north of the country as you will get more. Domestic flights are not much expensive so you can travel from south to north if you want to see both the worlds. The itineraries of many tour operators are great help to discover.

  1. Slow down


Many people pack too much during their visit to India. To get the best on your trip, focus on few places instead of trying many. Visiting one place slowly can be much more pleasing than seeing lots of sites as you will not get time to appreciate any of them. Spend at least one day at a place to understand about the culture, people and tradition.

  1. Run away from the throngs


With more than one billion Indians, mostly all parts of India are crowded. The crowd can be fun especially if there is a carnival in the town; luckily India has lots of peaceful places, so plan your escapes. To keep your body relax; spend some days in a city, followed by some countryside visit. For peaceful mind or tranquil environment, head south to backwaters and beaches or north to alluring hill stations.

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  1. Stay fit

No one wants to gulp a tablet, certainly if you are traveling for short period, so it requires steps to ignore an unwanted situation. Never drink tap water and don’t eat foods that are not hygienic. As a safety measure, avoid street foods or whenever you enjoy street food must measure the standards of cleanliness.

  1. Keep yourself cool

Along with beauty and wonder, India is always known for tout, scam and other hassles. There are ideas you can decrease the chances of being charged too much or cheated. But you can also encounters with scammers on your trip, keep your mind open and remember that deals that looked too good to be true normally are. Mainly, be careful of taxis and rickshaw drivers who force on taking you to exact hotels, shops or travel agencies – their commission will be added to your bill.

You will get multiple colors when you think about India. The civilization, spiritual and biological varieties in India is irresistible which often leaves travelers surprised and inspired.

Though, travelling to India for the first time may not little confusing, but traveling to India may be simple but traveling around may take some patience.

5 tips for first timers visit to India


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