Goa Holiday Packages for Couples from Pune


Goa is a place to be when you are looking out for all the water , fun and frolic. If you’re really bored this season and life in a metro has been taking a toll on you then no other place is better than Goa to beat that stress out.

What to Do in Goa?


This place has a lot to offer in common. From the great food to the beautiful seaside to the authentic cruise to Jet Skii, to Scuba Diving, Goa gives you a delightful watch on each and every aspect of this Portugal themed town of India. Not one but many activities can be taken up.

Parts of Goa


This town is divided into two parts. North Goa and South Goa! The beauty of this place is that it offers everything in a lot of varieties in both the parts of Goa. You can learn about the Goa (n) architecture which has a Portugal touch since the time Portuguese were in Goa.  Also, they come up with all the crazy variety of food including the very renowned sea food varieties that Goa people love. It’s among the stape food that they serve.

Honeymoon in Goa


If you’re planning to go out for a romantic as well as an adventure trip to Goa then it is the place to be. You can avail the Best Goa Holiday Packages for Couples from Pune as it has a lot to offer you in terms of the itinerary. Be Goa explorer and get your Goa vibe being a couple. Do visit the place as it will make your honeymoon a fun filled as well as a thrilled one.

Beach, Food and Shopping in Goa


So far as food on this beach is concerned, tasty and quite cost efficient eating options are available. Shopping is quite expensive and limited as this beach is away from the main beach. You can keep moving around and keep shopping at the super cool place. This beaches here are famous for scuba diving as well as for snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing etc. Also, the people here are very warm and generous, so you shall never feel any difficulty while you are touring around the towns of Goa.

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